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Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

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Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

Post by FrankAbagnaleJr on Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:25 am

Hi. I am from India. I am here with a story which most of you would probably find stupid.
I am 25 and have hit rock bottom in life. But It was not like this always. I used to be a very good student in school and was always the top five in a class of 60 until the beginning of the last two years of my school life. I used to be a very hardworking guy. When I became determined to get into a very good college I developed a strange fetish. I tried to study the whole night and cut time from my sleep. I failed to realize that the body has a limit of torture that it can take. So I would try to study for the whole night each night and fail. This feeling of failure translated to all areas of my life and it kept eating up my self confidence till I had none. I kept getting poor marks and failing in various subjects. But I kept thinking that once I start studying at night I would become a genius. But it never happened, after sometime it became a cycle. Whenever I would fail I would excuse myself saying that If I could just once start to study at night I would become very intelligent. It kind of became a huge limiting belief. After sometime getting good marks became secondary and staying awake at night became more important, that was the start of my downfall.

I somehow managed to pass my final year of school. I took a break for year to prepare for competitive exams to get into good college as I totally believed that I have potential. But I was not able to stay awake and study at night. I didn't score well that year and got offers from average level colleges. I am from a relatively poor family so I had to get admission in a very good government college where they charge very less money. I tried to get into a good college for another year and then eventually wasted one more vital year. My father and I have always been on bad terms for this as I didn't get a chance in a top college, thereafter I was on the verge of getting kicked out of the house, so I had to look out for a job. I started looking for a job and education took a backseat. Well, I couldn’t do the night out thing still but somehow managed to get a job in a contact centre where they were hiring people with good communication skills, educational qualification was not a priority there. When you have to choose between education and survival(food) then the choice will always be survival. So I took up a job and started studying side by side. I lost three years in between though. But that limiting belief of not being able to study at night was still taking away all my confidence. People here think call centre employees and dumb and worthless. I am so ashamed of my line of work that lie to people and exaggerate about what I do in office. I don't think this is right and I don't want to keep lying. I am a very good person, my friends and colleagues tell that to me all the time. There is more.

In these 7 years I liked two girls(not simultaneously) but I was so ashamed of my worthless life that I didn't express my feelings and let them walk out of my life forever. But inspite of everything I still believe in myself so much and I believe good things will happen. Now I have to make up for the mess I have been creating for the last 7 or 8 years. I want to go to college like all of my friends, and study full time MBA or the regret of not making the best of my abilities will always remain. It is going to be very difficult because of the gaps in my career but I am sure there is a way. But first of all, I need some ideas as to how I can get rid of the limiting belief.
I feel like I am baring my soul here and It all feels so good do share it. And I hope I will get help and insights from you.

I would welcome and be very thankful for your comments.

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Re: Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

Post by FrankAbagnaleJr on Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:42 pm

No reply? I am wondering if I would ever recommend this site to anyone. I might just disregard the message at the top in green bakground. I hope you realize that someone asks for help in a public forum only when they really need it.
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Re: Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

Post by cosmics on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:14 am

Hello! I am new here too and can't figure out why you have not got a response. Perhaps there is little participation at this site? I do not even know what advise to give you except that keep believing in yourself and you will reach the top. Wish you all the best!
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Re: Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

Post by developing_success on Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:34 am

Don't take it like that Frank, in my opinion, most people just don't know what to say in these situation, to be honest, i ain't sure myself...

Yes, you're a good person, but unfortunately limiting beliefs + limited resources = Not too good...

All i can say that it's not too late to change your life, if you really want, don't limit yourself by the job you do, but by the person you really are, once you become a better more capable person, you can change your status afterwards!

I wish you success my friend ;)
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Re: Couldn't think of a catchy line so I will just say..... Hi!!

Post by hanek45 on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:26 am

read and download everything this forum has to offer.

Download Love System books and conferences to improve your love and seduction skills..

Kiyosaki for your financial issues..

some classics like Think and Grow Rich or How to win Friends and Influence People..

and my own personal favourite: 7 habits of highly effective people by S. Covey.

resources are infinite.. from body language, to how to stimulate the clit to social charm programs.

read and download them all ;)

and please practice what youve learned.
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