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changing my life

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changing my life

Post by kevon on Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:31 pm

hi guys let me tell you a bit about myself,am Kevon and i suffered with depression for a year before i made a conscious decisions to make something better for myself and family.Am 30 now but when i was 22 i and had nothing going for me,dropped out of school and lived at home with my mom,i still praise her for sticking by be even when i was at my worst.One day i walked into a book store aimlessly an started browsing through a few sections to desperately find something to read that would get my thought process back to normal so i could be happy again.i found a book about leaders and it thought me to be a leader in my own way and that was the start of a big turn around for me.Now am a writer and i focus on self development to help others with some inspirational words and maybe deliver them from a dark place
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Re: changing my life

Post by kevon on Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:03 pm

hi guys,this my thought on self development today hope you enjoy..
[color[/color]'Auto' means a thorough psychological personality a person.
A superior thinking about our own self broadens our understanding of attitudes and morals between the actual and idyllic self.
This will strengthen our perspective to analyze our cars..

Development of self helps an individual to have a deep insight into their inner thoughts.
In this way, he can achieve self-realization..
A person who grows with self realization knows how to perceive the world around them i.
their thoughts will be clear on how to carry themselves in the world and stand apart.
In addition can personal development to bring the person all the ups and downs of life in a reasonable.

Additionally, if a person will deal with their inner thoughts and actions rationally, they will always have a positive outlook towards life.
An entity with an optimistic attitude to life is growing mentally and spiritually.
Thus, in attaining self-development, one should always concentrate on the development of the mind as well as of soul.
It is important, because the idea increasingly an understanding level increases and automatically flips people on the State of self-realization.

There are several ways for attaining self-development.
Out that meditation plays an important role in the discovery of the identity.
It is a method, which contributes in the outcome of a dignified and blissful state of mind.
This is because techniques for self-knowledge and self-awareness.
It helps us to bridge the gap between individualism and universality.
Makes a selfless person and growing spiritually.
It makes us think beyond our restricted self.
But before that there is no need to check this limited.
Meditation serves three main purposes - self-regulation, self-liberation, and self-exploration.
uduaAutoregolamentazione-is a capacity of donkeys intentionally what we hear and their impact on the functions of body and mind.
Awareness of breath, meditation and relaxation are some of the ways by which this can be achieved.
This will make the extent of the pain, nervousness and stress an individual.
These techniques come to our aid especially during the situation when we are under constant worry.
Deliberately makes us this fear and helps to relax.
For example, if we have indigestion problems while tackling stressful situations, then these techniques can be a way out of the problem.
uduaSelf-liberation-meditation can help us the self-conscious and to achieve the recognition of the spiritual truths of life.
This also gives us support in discovering our own real self that lies hidden behind various personality layers that we have.
These layers next to our experience of life.
It also develops our faculty of intuition by which we may wonder about certain psychological questions like from where we have come and what lies in store for us in life after death.
So calls to our existence as an individual, in relation to the company and beyond this world to meditate.

Self-exploration - is also one of the most important means of self-development.
This includes technical effects of meditation, concentration and relaxation.
They instruct us ways by which we should apply our attention in the right direction in a calm manner.
You give these exercises strength of character and spirit balanced.
This makes us analyze our virtues and vices.
Recognizing also the potential that is hidden within us, that we are completely unknown.

Along with meditation, techniques of yoga also lend a hand in exploring these potentials from our unconscious.
Our feelings to familiarize us and identify with them.
Awareness by widening of our horizons through mental exercises confers a strong on our mind and leads a meaningful life.
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