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Balance is all for baking cake!

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Balance is all for baking cake!

Post by Balance on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:24 pm

Hi folks!

I stumbled upon this website a few days ago and it seems like this is just the right place for me to stay...
Positive people with similar goals and measurements of success seem to be hard to find in "real life" so I guess I'll settle for "the next best thing", which would be an online community. :wink:

I hope you guys will be able to inspire me and maybe there are even people around here I could learn from or use as role-models in certain areas. In return I'm willing to offer the same to others and I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze out a few articles that will enable you to get an unusual and inspiring perspective on a myriad of things.

My first impression of this website was a bit on the disappointing side. Mainly because it seems to highlight materialistic goals above anything else, which is the impression you get when on the frontage the first thing you find yourself staring at is a picture of a handful of bright colored sports cars lined up in row. :!:

On the other side it's very hard to capture non-materialistic goals in a picture as I know. Don't get me wrong I'm all for a little luxury and fun if "earned" for providing real value to others but I'm certain there is a point where it all gets terribly empty and shallow if it's all without real purpose (which I consider owning a whole row of sportscars to be).

(Also I just experienced the worthlessness of things once again after I bought a brand new LCD-TV for 1000Euros. It gets boring so damn fast it's not even funny... )

Stuff you might like to know about me could include that I was born in the former Soviet Union, although I actually grew up in Germay where I live right now. Recently I spent 10 months travelling through Australia and during the course of my journey I read a truckload of books on Self-Development which certainly helped to get my English up to a whole new level.

==============My take on the Self-Improvement industry===========

It also made me realize that a lot of SD-books and gurus are a load of horsecr*p and that there is indeed no really good "method" that seems to be able to get people who are a little on the procrastinating side up from the couch and into the game with any kind of reliability.
The ammount of people who actually truly benefit from SD-material seems to be around 5% at best.
When your favourite guru comes to town (or sells DVDs), a seminar or speech often works as a "quick fix" in terms of motivation but seldom seems to enable people to consistently push forward and achieve real success.
(And the worst thing is that SD-stuff tends to be highly addictive if you don't watch out!)

I dedicated my life to filling that "95% gap" of apathetic people who can't get up from the couch as much as possible in order to enable all those (more or less) despereate people to improve their life-quality and reach the goals they desire.
My definition of a good Self-Improvement book aren't good figures in terms of sales but good percentages of people who experience successful progress as a result of reading a book (or listening/watching a tape/DVD). Way ambitious.

However I see reality in terms of science, mathematics and logical chains of "cause and reaction" events all down to the big bang.
Or to put it in one sentence: "I believe the universe is calculatable"(even if we might not have the tools to actually calculate everything).
Therefore success in any area is merely a matter of "following the rules to better ones chances" (as perhaps must of us here believe).
But therefore enabling people who are interrested in achieving whatever is necessary to make them happy and more caring about others is also a matter of "calculation" or rather "method/system". If someone was able to pull off something that introduces higher percentages of "success rates" even if it was "only" in the 30-40% range that "product" would truly displace every form of sliced bread from the store shelves. I am determined to be that someone and I'd like to bring that miraculous product right to your doorstep.

My reasoning is that people who are ambitious, balanced, satisfied and at peace with themselves tend to be "altruistic" and have a very positive impact on their surroundings (read: environment and people). Making the world a better place takes a step by step approach which means to enable individuals to satisfy their own desires, because that's what it takes for most of us to care about the well-being of the ones surrounding us. After all "charity begins at home".

And No, I don't think having more (financially) successful people would cause other individual successful people to be less financially successful, since there is no "cake to share". Earning money by providing real value to others equals baking a cake insted of taking a slice. Baking cake equals more cake for everyone!


What else.. I'm 20 years young but I don't consider this to be a major problem when it comes to achieving great goals, in fact there couldn't be a better time to start living up to my own ambitions.

When it comes to talking about yourself there never seems to be an end so I'll just stop here and point to my profile for further info. However there's stuff I wouldn't expect you to stumble upon there, for example:

Stuff I dislike includes all forms of superstition (aka religion, astrology and esoteric nonsense) as well as nationalism (and I don't just mean the obvious nazi-stuff but rather the subliminal kind where you make school kids stand up in class and praise "the best country of all" every single morning. This "national mindset" is a breeding ground for arrogance and ignorance towards others and should not be promoted).

My take on that subject is that sooner or later nations will loose improtance and eventually perish completely. Taking a closer look on history teaches us that globalization results in larger and larger groups/tribes/nations voluntarily fusing together for the benefit of the citizens, while giving up sovereignty. It might not be too obvious if you are American for America is still a young nation without a whole lot of "fusing history" and there does not seem to be a whole lot of benefit in "fusing together" with other nations right now - but that time will come and I'm all for contributing to this development.
Sooner or later there must arise an entity (based on science and reason instead of religious faiths of which there are too many) that stands above naive national interests and takes the well-being and desires of mankind as a whole into account when facing economical and overall global challenges.
We are one humaity and due to the desires all humans have in common we can't allow ourselves nor our nations to be sovereign in terms of ignoring the needs of other nations or even taking advantage of other nations' losses. It's ridiciolous and dispicable.

Instead I'm all for baking more cake.
I still remember "baking" cake with sand just to please others back when I was small - and I think so do you.
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Re: Balance is all for baking cake!

Post by viktorados on Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:12 pm

Balance, welcome to SMV!
Let us make the world a better place :D
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Re: Balance is all for baking cake!

Post by developing_success on Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:41 pm

One of the best introductions i have ever seen. You certainly have a great mindset and potential to put it in practice.

I agree that a lot of self-development material is close to worthless but still better than bad habits
I also consider that religion should be kept to yourself, and it makes me sick of the mass killings done in the name of "their so called God". My opinion, as yours, one earth, one huge unified country, with people that are directed by good reasoning.
I also believe in colonization of space, because if something happens to our precious Earth, our civilization will perish. Soon we will have the technology to do it :)

I got a little carried away :D

Welcome to SMV!
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Re: Balance is all for baking cake!

Post by sky on Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:18 am

Welcome Balance :)
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