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Awesome Exercise that Will Blow Your MIND

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Awesome Exercise that Will Blow Your MIND

Post by Nav-Inc on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:55 am

Figured out this pretty cool exercise yesterday.

1) Create three columns and name them "Name", "Problem", and "Trait".

2) Column 1 - Write down the names of people who you think are annoying you, problematic in your life, or you feel disconnected from.

3) Column 2 - Write down what it is about them that is bothering you. You know what is bothering you...just write it down. (doesn't answer me, makes me feel small, thinks she's so damn cool, whatever!)

4) Column 3 - Write down what trait that person has that is causing them to act that way. What trait is it that causes them to make you feel this way? (super-socialiate, too cool, charismatic, good looking, fat, etc.)

Guess what?

When you get done, you'll see that it is nothing but a reflection of yourself. :)

You'll see that what is really bothering you is what YOU want to make better about yourself.

Go backwards now.

Read the trait (that's what you really want to fix in your life).

Read the problem (that's what is bothering you about yourself since you don't have that "trait").

That person is just a scapegoat for you to not fix yourself.

And until you actually FIX those problem within yourself, you're just gonna be unhappy with those people and yourself.

After I did this I was like HOLY SH*T!

It's extremely powerful. Try it out!
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