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AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend?

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AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend?

Post by Beagle Scout on Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:49 am

Hi fellow SMVers,

For awhile now I've been trying to convince my mother to order the AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) Online Marketing Program for me, located here

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Please log in to see coded text... AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip
Please log in to see coded text... AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend? .zip

I can fully understand why she might be wary of their claims...after all, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is :blink:

The thing is, even if it's just "passive income" that I earn (obviously not a million in a month), it's better than $0 that I have right now. She's out of work too, and has been for some time (22 years...and I'll be 25 this summer), due to health concerns, the biggest of which has been an undue load of domestic stress (and with a severe lack of family support). Myself, I've never held a "real job," that is, the traditional 9-to-5 (or 11-to-7, whatever the shift) type of deal, and don't plan on ever doing so for a number of reasons. First, I have chronic anxiety and mood swings, and have good days, bad days, and, well, some are pretty ugly. So the coworker atmosphere wouldn't suffice. Also, I'm well aware of job availability for anything other than, say, scrubbing the restroom at Mickey D's (and even that's begun to prefer those in "tenure of office"!)

My mother actually has a Master's Degree, and I'll be getting an Associate's by August (with no plans to transfer to a 4-year school, because I am sick and tired of research papers from which I don't learn anything). One of the reasons the job market sucks (is that a word I can use here?) for college grads is that they aren't apt to perform the menial tasks employers require of them. I got a flyer in the mail about the program, and there were several "testimonials" (even I know how dubious some of these claims often are), and one inside was from a recent college grad whose "bachelor's in Liberal Arts wasn't getting him anywhere"; another from a young woman whose parents actually encouraged her to "go for it," and described her surprise because "usually it's your parents who tell you to go out there and get a 'real' job" (at the time, she worked as a nighttime motel housekeeper).

I am, I guess, cautiously optimistic, but maintain the belief that things are very different in the 21st-century economy, as the program describes, because of the now 24/7 reliance on the Internet as a source of information and discovery. I've long been told I have a natural, inborn aptitude for words and writing, and I'm thinking (hoping?) that will give me at least a moderate leg up. Mom isn't at all computer-savvy, and doesn't much understand any of these concepts; to her credit, however, she is very intelligent, albeit understandably jaded and concerned about throwing money away into, as she has said, "another Publisher's Clearing House company set to make money off of desperate people."

As an aside, I've met recently with so-called employment counselors whose primary mission (so they say) is to "get people to work" (and if that means emptying the sanitary napkin bin at a gas station restroom for $0.25/hour, so be it :( ) At this place I took the Myers-Briggs test and my type is an "idealist." That means, essentially, that I'm not only a fast learner, but quick to grab onto new ideas and concepts that for the most part, go against the grain or the established way of "doing things." I'd prefer a work-from-home (or anywhere, really, that isn't the W.C. at the B.K. Lounge) setup because it appeals to my sense of independence and creative control, self-paced, etc. If I can find a reliable source of income (maybe even this or something similar), then perhaps I can hire someone to teach Mom how to use the computer and even buy one for her too :D

So I guess my question(s) would be, 1) has anyone here heard of or tried, even "completed" this program or anything like it; 2) is it really possible to earn even a modest or comfortable income doing something like this; 3) if so, what are the "success rates" and 4) if this or something like it is legit, how might I go about convincing not only Mom but myself deep down as well that it's worth a go? I just can't see myself slaving away at a computer "working for the man" in a minimum-wage clerical position, typing budget reports when my real interests lie elsewhere. Everyone dreams of joining the ranks of "-illionaires," but I read all these stories about the "Self-Made VIP" (like Zuckerberg, Gates, and my new personal hero Julian Assange!) who uses whatever gifts he/she has received to not only better one's own life but improve the quality of others' lives as well. (In Assange's case, I truly believe it's not so much the "rich" who were the targets of Wikileaks, but the corrupt enterprises who made their wealth dishonestly...Bank of America, Citibank, and so forth...OT: I hope the folks at WL and 4chan can delve into the muck of BP and maybe even Blackwater real soon).

People on this forum seem to have a wide variety of interests and ideas, so I'd sincerely welcome any feedback someone can provide. I love to write, so naturally a correspondence course called "The Writer's Life" is going to grab my attention right away 8-)

Thanks in advance!
- Beagle Scout
Beagle Scout
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Re: AWAI's Online Marketing Program...recommend?

Post by qq1234 on Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:47 am

Yes, you can definitely make a living by becoming a copywriter. Some famous copywriters get paid as much as 5 figures per copy. However, buying the program won't bring you there. Being a good copywriter is a process. You'll still have to learn and practice. As for the course, you can find some that's shared online if you don't have the fund yet. For instance:
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