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Attracting money...

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Attracting money...

Post by Imtiaz on Fri Mar 21, 2008 12:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I want to share some things I learned on attracting money. Some of them are from various books and some are mine.

- create a vision board and place it near your bed. Every morning you wake up and every evening you go to sleep just look at it. Sometimes I just watch it lying on my bed before I go out of bed or fall asleep.

- take a bankstatement and replace the amount of money on your bank with for example 1,000,000,- or 50,000,000,- euro. Do it professionally. It should look real. Place this somewhere you can see. I've placed mine again near my bed. Also, when you're not looking, your subconcious will 'see' or notice it.

- print out some money. This one I invented myself. :D Take several euro notes...100, 200 and 500 euro...print it out...cut it out. Take some of the notes and place it in your wallet. Everytime you go into your wallet you will see a huge amount of cash...your subconsious will act on that...and will believe it. Place a couple ( you can choose yourself) of notes near your bed. Or place it on a table, desk...somewhere you can see it every day. Take all the notes and hold it in your hand and make a picture of it.

Higher your ' wealth thermostat'. Feel comfortable with huge amounts of money.

- write out 'fake' checks. Take a check book and write out 15,000 euro, 20,000...100,000,-...Till you feel comfortable with it...

- surf the for a new (pent)house, check the pictures, a new car...( feel like you are going to buy the car, house etc)...feel and become comfortable with the price ( they ask) and think I will buy this villa...( fake it till you make it)...

These are some of the things I do...

Other suggestions

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Re: Attracting money...

Post by xxdannyocean on Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:31 pm

those aren't bad ideas ... its like Tony Robbins visualization techniques be greatfull for everything even things you don't have yet... because you will have them one day as long as you visualize
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