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At the beginning of the career - University

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Re: At the beginning of the career - University

Post by Cicero on Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:47 am

If I were you, and I could afford it, I would go to the UK. You already know and live in Germany, so branch out, see a new country, make a new diverse group of friends.

Think about it, in Germany you just another German, in the UK your a guy with a cool German accent..

Just my 2c
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Re: At the beginning of the career - University

Post by 4everlearner on Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:20 am

what cicero was saying might be correct in his case ..

but important point is , before taking a decision sirrob might have taken all the consutations n after that he might have taken a decision to join in germany ....

there is no right or wrong decision , now once u have joined , only think of what better value u can have studying in that university in ur life ...
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Re: At the beginning of the career - University

Post by kmerchant on Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:31 pm

Some great advise already here regarding goals and career ...

some of the questions, i had asked myself (rather late in life) .. hopefully following questions may help you ...

1) What is my goal in life ? i mean, what do i really really love to do and become ?? I can personally say from my experience that the degree that i did was purely because all of my school friends were doing it .. it seemed like a prestigious course to do ... my family, society conformed to what i was going to do ... i didn't have any interest in learning that and didn't enjoy studying it ... please avoid these .. you will end up taking up something you dont enjoy and also, you will have to work 40 years in that field ..

2) List at least 10 (or more) strengths/passion of yours .. things which you would even put a sickie on the job and rather do for free e.g.. maths , language, interacting with people , serving disadvantage community, dancing, singing , sports , technology , reading, religion, community , architect, interior design and all the other things that you really enjoy in life and time just seems to fly when you are doing it.. try to indulge into the career that involves as many passions as possible .. also at the same time, try to avoid the career which seems like a chore ... it really does not matter if an investment banker makes 100,000+ or not if you passion does not lay with investment/finance/money ...

3) Take a pen and paper and list out at least 10 instances last time when you really had a great time... moments that you relive with your friends and family over and over ... try to find a common thread between all those moments and check if the career that i am choosing will have same or similar elements .. these little exercise may sound very confusing unless you actually take the pen/paper and find out what exactly have made you happy in the past .. also at the same time, try to avoid things which make you sad and leaves you unfulfilled ...

4) Please do not make your decision solely on which career has the potential of making the most money ... i have even spoken to doctors who are making all the dollars in the world but are not happy with their profession ..

This is actually one of the most important decisions of life and only you can answer this for yourself .. please be completely honest with yourself without thinking too much about what they might say .. sometimes even parents do not know what their child loves to do ... sad but true ... if you are too confused then please take a help of professional counselor ..

Hopefully, this may help you in choosing a right career.. All the very very best ...

God bless you ..
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Re: At the beginning of the career - University

Post by Cicero on Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:54 pm

Hey Sirrob,

4everlearner is probably right, I may have answered with that would be best for me.

That's probably not the most useful for you.

What might help you make your decision is one of the following:
Take out a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line down the centre, label one side "Pros" and one side "Cons" and see what you come up with, worked for Abraham Lincoln, it will work for you and you will be surprised at some of the things you will come up with.


Tell yourself that you will decide by a certain time on a certain date and choose by then, this has the effect of focusing your mind without really noticing. Say for example 7th April at 6pm.


Combine both approaches, (I do this from time to time), set a deadline, so lets again say 7th April at 6pm, keep that Pro & Con sheet in your pocket with a pen and keep adding to it. Then on the final day look back through your sheet, be honest with yourself and make your decision.

One piece of advice, whatever decision you make, stick to it, otherwise you will bug yourself being indecisive over this and wonder "what if" type scenarios.

I hope this post is a bit more useful than my last one!

Also thanks 4everlearner for pointing out that I answered somebody elses problem by focusing more on myself than on the other person!
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Re: At the beginning of the career - University

Post by Sirrob360 on Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:50 am

Thank you 4everlearner, kmerchant and Cicero for your very productive answers, I´m very pleased receiving true professional advise.

Cicero, you´re absoluteley right. I would have liked to join a forreign country to study. on the other hand, the german course demands a complete your abroad and a half year internship (which also can be spend abroad). I did a kind of an compromise: I choosed the german course. My motivation is based on spending as much time as possible studying abroad. Firstly there will be 1,5 years stuying in Germany, then 1,5 abroad, then writing the thesis in Germany again.

Well the most subjects offered in this course are not hitting my interests very well, but I´m sure that I can compensate them through the time spent abroad and the few interesting subjects like "spanish, arabic and behavioural science.

The plan is to do my master´s degree in the U.K. afterwards.

It is not the perfect way, but where does exist the perfect way!?
I am aware that there will be hard times studying borring stuff. But considering to overcome only 1,5 year in Germany which might be the most difficult 1,5 years and then passing into the more enjoyable part that make me feel good.

Cicero, your technique worked very well. Thanks.

Does anybody have ideas how to overcome learning blockades? Especially whilst learning uninteresting academics?

I think what kmerchant said is a very important aspect at all!
Ending up and doing something I never really wanted to do might be so disappointing.

I´m the kind of person who never settle for something until I´m satisfied. Sometimes that is a strength and sometimes a weakness. Maybe I will have to admit more compromises in Life!?

I know exactly how my future life should look like as well as it shouldn´t look like.
But how to realize ? Where to start... and so on?

I am surrounded with people who are contentedly leading a good life, 9-5-Jobs, car´s, houses ...But the flipside of the coin looks like this: most of them do not like what they do, they allways complain about everything and do not have any ideas how to improve life. So "regrettably" I´m not willing become such a person (They´re all nice persons). Therefore I´m also looking for a mentor...

Thanks for all these inspiring thoughts.
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