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"Aristocratic" site shuffle

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"Aristocratic" site shuffle

Post by nbhvv on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:11 pm

Two years ago, !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! the unusual passenger on the luxury altar of gold Guangcan become an ordinary web page, as low as 65% off the price to discourage a large crowd on the famous white-collar workers A cargo scoff exultation. Two years later, when the huge domestic demand for luxury goods market, did not allow the luxury site to earn pours, but outgoing part of the luxury site to shrink or even collapse of the message, these "noble" sites are beginning to realize that the industry " shuffle "has come early. Survival or death, is a problem! "Beijing pounds" popped up rivers and lakes [just after Christmas 2012, the British Selfridges department store ushered in a consumer frenzy, the famous luxury shopping malls support from the China UnionPay card credit card mark in the crowded common Chinese people. "Beijing pound"! Tom Kelly, the creators of this new word, this term is relatively sterling, meaning the Chinese people to spend the pound. It is published in the British "Daily Mail", used to describe Chinese people overseas buying power of luxury. It stands to reason that those luxury display cabinets should be trimmed with gold edges; the world-famous shopping malls, should be like the Shin Kong, Beijing, even in summer are mostly deserted, air conditioning is better than Xidan friends second-class mall a few degrees lower. But why there will be high-end shopping malls in the United Kingdom general scene of domestic supermarkets? Answer is cheap. CB Richard Ellis, consultants, retail analyst Jonathan de Mello said: "The high tariffs make the price of luxury goods in the UK 20% to 30% cheaper in China and Chinese tourists like to buy luxury goods brought a sense of superiority from the country of origin. "So, every year around Christmas, before the world of high-end shopping malls luxury cabinets, they staged the beginning of a scene. A dense mass of Chinese consumers like to kill from the rivers and lakes "nameless Swordsman", holding out a lot of pounds, see table to buy a table, see package "kill" package. But these fanatical fans in terms of domestic luxury, seems far from enough. So, along with the rapid development !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! of e-commerce, a large number of luxury site from the end of 2009 began to appear within the sight of the people. Immediately, the site of the "noble" not only satisfy the feelings of the people love the high-end brand, but also to accommodate a wallet and can not be big spenders, the majority of white-collar. "Noble" suffering from "diseases of affluence" [As the site of the "noble", they disdain the "Taobao shop" single a few tens of dollars "case" do not worry about the hands of buyers to the shop to visit did not "money", does not mean the old patrons packed into the "VIP" ... because they clearly understand their own "high-end positioning. ] But also is "positioning" to make it in the birth containing a golden key, they have a "rich man's disease". Price-related "diseases of affluence" From that day onwards, has been plagued luxury site are. Coach and Tin Cat cooperative operation of the first shop - Coach, the official flagship store announced the closure on February 22, 2012. This platform, only to run just two months. Although Coach official announced that the original establishment of this platform in cooperation with the Lynx, only to develop operational month, does not exist "mortality," said one, but in the industry view, this flagship store closed, the most important reason, is still in the AND gate stores compared, there is no price advantage. In addition to birth defects of the shop, consumers are keen to luxury online shopping is also exposed the background, stamina missing ills. Once a luxury site to study the domestic luxury online shopping consumer groups: they are mostly office workers, and are basically working-class. Among them, there are some second and third tier cities in the high-level white-collar workers. It can be judged, and habits on the Internet to buy the luxury of the "main force" is not necessarily the "big spenders" !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! rich second generation, the official second, more sensitive to the price of the ordinary high-end crowd, which is shallow consumers of luxury goods consumption. Holding the hands of the luxury "showing off" and "competition", while considering their buy discounted goods ecstasy as a secret; most of them have heard of Cartier, do not know the British royal family had Cartier ordered 27 The crown for the coronation ... the concern of consumers for the price of luxury is far greater than the culture behind the brand. Gorgeous coat, opened a luxury site "noble" to see a civilians Xieku. Thus, a large number of luxury with "Chinese characteristics" Web sites have appeared: the name of "luxury" site signs, sold the goods do not have that luxury. "High society" tear the mask [this "pseudo-luxury", is still able to meet netizens "high end" of vanity, but also to the "noble" site this way, the more appealing to the favor of numerous capital. According to statistics of the online shopping navigation platform than the share of treasure, the current site of the traditional domestic luxury catwalk network, only the product will be dozens of poly fashion, to share network, Fifth Avenue, superior products, in addition to these luxury Commodities website, some electricity providers chiefs have also joined in the fierce competition of the "luxury" website. Jingdong, Amazon, China, Sina and so have launched their own luxury business, hoping to own site marked with the label of the "noble". Marked with the label of the "noble", will be among the "high society"? This principle in the world of the electricity supplier may not work. With the luxury site reshuffle to speed up the process, the mask of the "high society" was slowly opened. New Year period, the site of a luxury frequently heard the "bad" message, first NetEase still the product of the collapse of call Wages infighting of the Kazakh network, the product poly mesh with the grand disputes, then is the catwalks network burst massive layoffs. A former employee of the network of catwalks Wang confirmed to the network Herald reporter, catwalks network layoffs is true, the Ministry in Beijing has been dissolved, the company has !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! fully retracted back to Shenzhen. Faced with these messages, the industry began to worry that the domestic luxury online shopping market will step buy footsteps, ushered in the shuffle. Until then, high-spirited luxury site only to find that several of its body Mishap has been exposed, which supply, sale, logistics, life and death of several key The first is the supply. Today's domestic luxury goods website, direct contract with the luxury brands, little is to rely on overseas purchasing, distributors or buyers provide sources, resulting in the instability of supply. Moreover, derived from this kind of supply are generally of foreign luxury brands old discounted goods acquisition are sold to domestic, thus the new, backward style. And the supply channels is a direct result of purchases of luxury goods on the domestic websites, authentic guaranteed to be a lack of consumer online shopping integrity of low viscosity inadequate. In addition, the luxury brand to maintain its own brand of high-end discount promotion with the utmost care. But the domestic luxury site is limited to the supply or competition and other reasons, often take the form of a limit buy or special promotions, which resulted in a lot of "expensive" special products "sold rebate", "three guarantees" embarrassing situation, allowing consumers to experience greatly reduced. Of course, expensive luxury, the protection of the logistics chain is particularly important, but the logistics industry, property damage, satisfaction and low is no longer a secret. However, the self-built logistics has just started, self-sufficiency the Shangqie difficult to luxury electric providers, just as high quality goods, CEO Yang Peifeng said, "too early".
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