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Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

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Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

Post by sky on Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:07 pm

Do you have a self help collection in excess of 50 GBs Have you been downloading the material for a long long time Do you sometimes wish you had more time for 'finishing' the material that you already have Do you even have trouble in remembering whether you have downloaded the same material previously or not

If Yes then you are probably also feeling a little overwhelmed by all the stuff you have accumulated over time. With a collection as huge as this how do we go about devouring the material We literally cant even remember all the stuff that we have.

For eg. I have 1600+ ebooks (to increase by 800 over the next week) on different subjects. I really get confused about how to approach these. Where to begin and why How do I sort these Is it even worth sorting/renaming them or should we just begin with the one we happen to stumble upon

I sometimes get nightmares about my hard drive crashing and the whole collection getting lost. I am serious. I must have spent above 100 hours collecting the 150+ Gb (total) material that I have. And I still crave for more. Stupid humans :blink:

Sometimes I seriously wish that I could go on a really long holiday (like an year or two) and devote all that time to using and assimilating this material.

How do you integrate the process of assimilation of knowledge into your daily life routine (for ex. how much time are you people able to extract for these pursuits on a regular basis Are you able to balance Are you satisfied with the status quo in this regard How do you do it )

How do you fellows deal with such a situation Please enlighten my anxious soul. I have a few methods of my own but I would like to listen to your ideas first. :D

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Re: Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

Post by developing_success on Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:07 pm

I have about 65 GB of self-development material.
Well you should get them all on dvd-s, then you will have no more nightmares :)
You will need approximately 34 dvd-s (3.5 gb on each).
Yes i still want more although i have used very little of what i have.
I suggest you start with what you consider more important in your life. For example you should study first how to study a book, how to get more with less time, also practising reading faster and getting the essentials also helps.
I must find a solution for this also :)
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Re: Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

Post by 4everlearner on Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:17 pm

the same thing happened to me...i too was having lot of material but hearing some material now n then in a haphazard manner... recently i have made a folder n named it priority n started hearing first only those things ..continuing downloading more material also , but now giving priority to that folder..

by the way what r methods u r using to sort out this issue...
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Re: Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

Post by GetAhead on Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:33 pm

What we should do is to control our impulse to download just about anything that even remotely appeals to us. Before downloading, we should think twice about whether we really do need the stuff. I learnt this the hard way. I have about 30 GB of data but now I am wiser. I am choosy about the downloads. Amazing what amount of clutter you can avoid if you pause before downloading.

Organizing the data is again difficult, but can be done. I have organized mine into folders on different topics. Of course, this doesn't really help if you want to start reading. everlearner's method appears to be a good way to start.
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Re: Are you overwhelmed by your own collection ?

Post by drashran on Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:22 pm

Thanks for the suggestion

I too have about 80GB of Self help collection
More than 2000 ebooks, Audios and videos :)
At present I have stopped downloading and started to categorize them.
Using a software called 'My EBook Library' to sort out the collection

I convert PDF file into RepliGo PDF (RepliGo PDFmobilizer) and read it on my Treo680
After going through the materials, I feel: we need only less number of ebooks :o
All say the same thing, in different ways :)
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