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An email from my friend about success stories from Europe

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An email from my friend about success stories from Europe

Post by viktorados on Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:42 pm

I was asked by a friend of mine who launches a success related website in US about any successful people.
And he needs a couple of success stories from Europe.

Could you help me with answers to his email?

His email:
"... I need your help on is this you being in Germany and the International Museum of Success first location is the United States I like for you to compile a list of successful people that past on and their success and contribution to society has become a forgotten story. Someone you think should be an honoree into the Museum.

The people that I would like to see showcase in the museum are people past and present whom has done extraordinary things in their lives and has a family member that can collibrate on the person or has prove of their accomplishments. I need something that our personal historians can document. If you would like to help out I would appreciate it... "

Here is the website he is launching:
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