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All about me

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All about me

Post by Tschlossmacher on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:01 pm

Hello SMV!

My name is Thomas Schlossmacher, now I happen to be young. (18) but that doesn't mean I should be limited from anything in life. Some of my aspirations are to reach ultimate happiness, find my value of 'success', and achieve a mind capable of accelerated learning.

Why did I come to this forum? I've been searching for a forum that hones for self development, acquirement of wealth or 'success', and finding a community to network and connect to. I believe that with my developmental skill set and love for learning I can provide insight, knowledge, and experience to fellow members around the forum.

What am I doing? Well I'm currently a University student in Canada, I'm in the process of developing a mobile application, a part time job, learning spanish on my free time, and launching an online business.

I LOVE to read, I believe that people don't see the capability of the human brain with practice, and pleasure. Or for that matter even the value of someones life lessons in a $15 dollar paperback.

Anyways I think that's enough, If you have any questions or want to tell me about yourself feel free to do so!
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