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Actual Science and Popular Self Help

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Actual Science and Popular Self Help

Post by natselection on Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:15 am

Hello to Everyone,
I am in agreement with the core idea of this web location. To improve an individuals self and to attain to success as that individual defines it for themselves.

My concern is this however,
How much of the claims made in "self-help" are actually backed[confirmed] by scientific research?
This is of great concern. Though many may "sound" good but there is absolutely nothing to back up their claims, just the say so of the author.

There are millions of people dying of starvation and violence on the African continent, is it their wrong thinking that is causing this?

Many of these "gurus" who bleat about the universal mind, subconscious mind etc could not get assistance from said source to warn of the machinations of 9/11 or the tsunami or Haitian earthquake! How do they know what they know? How can one get independent confirmation for their claims?

Again, I am for self-improvement but it must be backed by science. Just imagine boarding a plane that was built by someone using "stream of consciousness" or "guides" telling him/her how to build the plane. Imagine the person building the plane telling you that science does not know all the answers or some other drivel! Science works!
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