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1. Mindset = 2. Lifestyle = 3. Results! (HELP!)

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1. Mindset = 2. Lifestyle = 3. Results! (HELP!)

Post by Zadok on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:57 am

Hey everyone,

Firstly, so glad I found this forum!

So, I made a list of all the personality traits and general characteristics I feel I need as a human to be successful in my specific endeavor. However, there are a lot, though when classified in a few categories it doesn't seem like a lot. Before I get to my question/concern, here is my list:

Secondly, sorry for the length of this post!!!

I imagine all of this is a breeze with tons of defined-energy, not as in hyper, by saying 'tons', but by certain characteristics being more awake and tuned, governed by one mood, one energy, one mindset, without heavy awareness on individual areas, but a natural personality.

    1. Knowing how to construct business sentences in conversation. (improvisation vs. preparation/memorizing)
    2. A positive, energetic, enthusiastic attitude (I'm an intravert that rarely exercises or leaves the apartment-tends to lead to poor people skills by not interacting with humans on an extremely frequent basis.)
    3. Increased energy by communicating with energetic people. (Feeling more in sync who I aim to be and confident by communicating with similar personalities)
    4. Happy (positive mental attitude, positive thinking-different from Trait 2 as it relates to inner-self and mindset, not external expression.)
    5. Confidence in speech and vocal tone. (because my lifestyle for last few years was isolated and kept to myself, my speaking skills have literally diminished! I have to focus on speaking clearly before almost all interactions. My speech in terms of sentence construction in conversation has become poor, 'um' and 'ah' said often to 'buy' time to construct speech.)
    6. Excellent business confidence (the confidence to call anyone in any power/status and interact confidently as if talking to the mirror. Not limited to people, but also creative thinking, time management, and work ethic.)

    1. Conversation ready (friendly, gives compliments, very engaging, effortless rapport)
    2. Animation (gestures, body language, physical contact)

    1. Persuasive Skills (reading people, trance induction, suggestive vocabulary :wink: )
    2. Power (killer instinct and recognition of: misdirection, manipulation)

Now, time and time again I'm able to function through list 1, as a normal state of mind, personality, being, and it's really a great feeling of unbreakable confidence. (list 2 and 3 will require some studying before I can expect any auto-pilot functionality). I used to be depressed, and I think one mental habit tends to linger in, and that's sloth. It leads to temptations of procrastination, most importantly a negative attitude, and a mindset that isn't focused on my pursuit to prosperity.

Very rarely am I depressed anymore, but times I do have to overcome old habits mentioned above to continue working on my life. However, I've had boosts towards the above mentioned lists and that's where I try to keep my head at all times. I read the right books, I do affirmations, meditations, self-hypnosis, I listen to successful speakers, and I surround myself with positive, success driven people.

Now, I want to amplify multiple traits to do well in business and life. But there are too many to rely only on a list of affirmations or a single meditation (I think). I didn't write this list of traits in hopes to be all of them, but I'm chasing a feeling I sometimes feel where I feel I am already all of them. And I want it to be everyday, natural, and a fundamental baseline so I can build on it later with more advanced traits, more specifically the 2nd and 3rd lists! =)

Does anyone know how I can tackle this many traits at one time by focusing on the energy that governs them all, instead of reading books and practicing each one individually? Maybe some rituals like written statements, specific meditations, etc..

(I believe I'm attempting to access a higher state of mind or more mature version of myself that hasn't kicked in yet, instead of just adding to who I currently am. Perhaps this is more spiritual in terms of 'becoming', and because the traits are accessed through a single source of energy. Let me know your thoughts on this?)

Any help would be hugely appreciated, and could maybe help others!!

Thanks and best wishes!
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Re: 1. Mindset = 2. Lifestyle = 3. Results! (HELP!)

Post by Zadok on Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:47 am

I think I found what I was looking for, the access to a governing feeling or energy that controls and encourages many positive traits applicable to business, life, relationships, creativity, art, healing, etc.

It's a death meditation!

Osho - So continue Kundalini in the morning, and in the night before going to sleep, start a death meditation. Just lie down, put the light off, and start feeling that you are dying. Relax the body and feel that you are dying, so you cannot even move the body – even if you want to move the hand, you cannot. Just go on feeling that you are dying – a four or five-minute feeling that you are dying, dying, and that the body is dead.

And through this five-minute experience of dying you will feel a totally different quality of life. The body is almost dead – it is a corpse – but you are more alive than ever! And when the body is dead, the mind by and by stops thinking – because all thinking is associated with life. When you are dying, the mind starts dropping.

After two or three months you will be able to die within five minutes. The body will be dead and you will have just a pure awareness, a luminous awareness. Just something like a blue light, that’s all. You will feel a blue light just near the third-eye centre, just a small blue flame. That is the purest form of life. And when that blue flame starts being felt there, just fall asleep.

So your whole night will be transformed into a death meditation, and in the morning you will feel so alive, more than you have ever felt – so young, so fresh, and so full of juice that you can give to the whole world. You will feel so blessed that you can bless the whole world.

And this death meditation will make you aware that death is an illusion. It does not really happen – nobody has ever died and nobody can really die. Because we are too much attached to the body, it seems like death; because we think the body is our life, we think it is terrible. And this is one of the greatest preparations for death. One day death will come: before it comes, you will be ready, you will be ready to die!"
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Re: 1. Mindset = 2. Lifestyle = 3. Results! (HELP!)

Post by shadowstrike on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:44 am

interesting Zadok, I will give that type of meditation a go!
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